About DD Mini Farm

Welcome to our mini farm. We are a small 5-acre farm in Middle Tennessee. I have been around horses all of my life and purchased this farm in 2003. In 2005 I decided to board horses because I always wanted my own horse business and quite honestly it is more fun to have other like-minded people around to do horse things with.

In 2011 we decided to start raising and breeding miniature horses. We began searching around for good bloodlines and conformation to start out foundation herd. Our herd is from several of the foundation miniature horses.  We know that the “type” has changed in the past few years, but we love that type of horse from the foundation lines.

In 2009 we purchased our first registered miniature horse “Little Ben’s Bonnett” aka “Bonnie” (AMHA/AMHR/WCMHR) from one of our borders. It has been great raising Bonnie from birth and teaching her all about different things that go on in life. A few months after purchasing her another of our borders gave us an unregistered miniature “Knee Hi” that their grandson has outgrown. We have enjoyed miniature horses so much we have now have added several others to our facility.

I graduated from MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University with a BS Degree in Animal Science (Horse Science) in December of 1993.

I still ride and have some full-size horses here for pleasure.

We love to have visitors but due to working an outside job and having other commitments please call to set up an appointment.

I am currently rebuilding the website so check back often.  (March 14, 2018)