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DD Mini Farm
8030 Sunset Circle
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
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Welcome to our mini farm. We are a small 5 acre farm in Middle Tennessee. I have been around horses all of my life and bought this farm back in 2003. In 2005 I decided to board horses because I always wanted my own horse business and quite honestly it is more fun to have other like minded people around to do horse things with. In 2011 we decided to start raising and breeding miniature horses. We started searching around for good bloodlines and conformation to start out foundation herd. We have purchased several mares and stallions in 2011 and 2012. We still have a few more to get to our goal number but we will get there in a few years.

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In the fall of 2008 I started offering riding lessons to children and adults. I have ridden many different disciplines growing up and I give "Basic Safety" lessons. I teach children and adults how to safely ride a horse in their back yard or off on a trail ride. If you just want to learn how to ride safely and not do anything fancy then we are the place for you. We are also a good place to start at and learn the beginnings of many types of riding. You can then take the knowledge that you learn here and take it to other facilities that are more detailed in those types of riding.

In 2009 we purchased our first registered miniature horse "Little Ben's Bonnett" aka "Bonnie" (AMHA/AMHR/WCMHR) from one of our boarders. It has been great raising Bonnie from birth and teaching her all about different things that go on in life. A few months after purchasing her another of our boarders gave us an unregistered miniature "Knee Hi" that their grandson has outgrown. We have enjoyed miniature horses so much we have now have added several others to our facility.

We started a full summer Horse camp for kids in 2009. We feel that teaching children how to handle horses safely is very important so children stay safe when at friends houses that have horses. We are always surprised to hear the horror stories of what other backyard facilities let childrend do around horses. We use the Junior Master Horsemanship books from AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) to teach the children all about horses, the health of a horse, different jobs horses do in addition to the different jobs people have working with horses. We try to have a guest speaker each week to let the kids learn from others in the horse world.


We also own and ride full size horses of various breeds. We have an Appendix Quarter Horse, a Paso Fino, an Off the Track Thoroughbred, and a few others. I love having a variety of types of horses here to choose from. When I go trail riding with friends I can choose which horse to ride depending on what type of horse my friends are riding.

Occasionally we have horses for sale or lease. We have been given a horse or two every now and then and if they do not meet our needs we offer them up for Sale.

I graduated from MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University with a BS Degree in Animal Science (Horse Science) in December of 1993.


Now that we are heading into 2013 we have changed our focus again. We are no longer boarding horses and have changed our focus to breeding high quality miniature horses. We will traing these horses and also show them.